ContributeYes, I guess you could say that we are looking for contributors with something to get off their chest! YoYoYoY is not interested in vitriol or slander, nor for anything extreme or even insulting and certainly nothing illegal (racist, ageist, sexist (genderist?!), anything-else-ist) … and the tone needs to veer more towards entertainment than in-yer-face! This is not about having a dig at others (although there is often collateral damage), its about letting your own demons go! Don’t make others feel bad in order to make yourself feel better ….

You can’t be anonymous if you contribute, well, you can’t be completely anonymous as you’ll need an username, but you can contribute items that might be a bit too cranky for your own blog or social media and a pen name can cover some of your tracks (especially those that link back to you in search engines!)

Contribution will be open soon.

No, I can tell you now, we wont be paying for contributions. Nor asking for them. If you volunteer a contribution (and we accept it!) then you obviously keep the copyright and our publishing it is non-exclusive but this site has no income so cannot pay out – I could promise that will change but that’d be a lie and I am no politician.