Why, oh why, is this blog called YoYoYoY?

Why, oh why, is this blog called YoYoYoY?

Damn and BlastWhy, oh why, oh why, oh why?? As so many letters to the BBC used to start (allegedly) from Angry of Tunbridge Well, the almost mythical middle class complainer. I even wrote to the BBC myself in my younger days, well, if you must mispronounce “BBC Pronunciation Unit” and confuse your billions, thousand millions and million millions what do you expect … I may not have lived in Tunbridge Wells but my righteous anger boiled over into Quink, Basildon Bond and a 4d stamp!

A Soapbox of Random Frustrations….

That’s what this is. Pure and simple. A place to vent one’s frustrations at the world and its machinations without cluttering up your own blogspace and life. Write it down, post it up and move on! I’ve been meaning to do this for years.

In fact, it was many years ago (probably 15 or so) that I first registered but I never got around to doing anything about it. Frustrating huh! In fact, I was idle for so long that eventually I let the domains disappear.

The recently, in part because of things happening around the UK, I felt the need to vent. So I re-registered the domain, kicked this website into life and ran off a post or two. I immediately felt “better”, better able to be a normal person in my daily life rather than a perpetual Mr Angry (or his neighbour Mr Grumpy) and so, this time, I promise myself I will carry on the catharsis!