I am really confused and conflicted… i think that i am lost. We are in the middle of a flood of righteous indignation by women who have been abused and mistreated in work .. it makes me deeply uncomfortable that i am a man and makes me worry that i  have been one of those people they complain about.

I believe in what they say. I believe in their hurt and their right to feel abused. I feel dirty simply by being a man. I can never fully understand… i am not them .. i have been rohibnoled (by a man) but i am not a woman and i have not felt coerced or abused in the way i believe they have been.

Conflicted? Yes. I am …

I have not had any affairs and no male friend of mine has ever told me of an affair … my female friends on the othet hand, i have not enough fingers to count ….

I attend a lot of theatre … i have even been to burlesque shows, with my wife,  they are fun for both genders and do not always involve nudity. The only time i have ever heard an audience howl is women howling the moment a man takes his top off. A naked women om stage … no response .. a topless man, even in a serious play, howling! Ask front of house staff at a theatre what they fear most  … Dream Boys. Yep. There are still touring male strip shows at theatres … female strip? Nope. Women take parties to see men strip …. men do not do the alternate.

Facebook … well. I have NEVER seen a male friend post a picture  of a half clad woman with (or without) some sexist remark. Female friends, on the other hand, regularly post hunky men with raunchy comments. Or note their sexy dteams & fantasies, whose face they’d sit on or be bent over a table by.

This post was prompted in part by a female friend listing all the shows  she had seen recently and how sexy all the men were…

My point is that equality works both ways … there is nothing wrong with sexy talk and flirting .. i love it …  so don’t vilify men for something which in my world is far more the domain of women, vilify them for actual abuse, for which there can be NO excuse. Your world mary vary.




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