This is NOT Brexit-2

This is NOT Brexit-2

Much as I hate the word “Brexit” as being made up by those too lazy to use real words, it has gained the necessary traction to become part of our language and to have a commonly accepted meaning, after all “Brexit means Brexit”.

However, the snap election called by Mrs May is most definitely not a Brexit-2 vote, it is a general election, an election to put in place the people who will represent you for the next few years (random apparently, despite the fixed term act) over the NHS, investment, social care, education, defence, power generation, tax, foreign policy, the law, … , and, in the short term, the Brexit process. Brexit’s implications may last for many decades but the process itself will essentially be over in 2 years (unless all 27 other countries unanimously agree to an extension … fat chance).

Until June 8th we are going to have the idea rammed into us that this is an election for a proper Brexit mandate. It is not, and can never be that unless all other governance of this country is going to magically be put on hold and we are going to have at least one credible party leading their charge on “let’s stay in”.

For a starter, you cannot vote for “Brexit” any more than you can vote for “Mrs May” (unless she is your constituency MP), “The Labour Party”, “F**K the Tories”, “Invest in the NHS” or anything else because these things will not appear on your ballot paper. What will appear there are the names of individuals who want to represent you and your fellow constituents, plus their party affiliation, if any. The only real choice you have, the only responsibility on you, is to pick the person who will most properly represent you and your neighbours.

That’s it. Democracy. Everything else is “Politics”, that second job that MPs get up to when they are supposed to be doing what they are paid and employed for, which is being your representative in government. Politics is an unpaid affiliation that they should do only in their spare time once they have fulfilled their obligation to those they represent; whether they voted for them or not.

Naive of me I know …

This is why votes get misrepresented. “I have been elected therefore I have a mandate to do everything in my Party’s manifesto, even those crazy things in the footnotes of the appendix” … well, no, I did not vote for your Party, nor their manifesto. Those things were not on my ballot paper and if an MP truly believes this lie then they are deluded – we vote for people to represent us not to represent their Party – we (the people) pay their salaries, their Party does not. We employ them, their Party does not. They should be subject to our will, not their Party’s.

If I was employed by a private company but spent a large proportion of my time working on my private projects I would get fired. If I was employed by a company to be a senior manager but I took decisions based only on what an external group told me to do then I would get fired. If I was employed to do a full time job and took on several other jobs I would get fired. If MPs are saying that running this country is not a full-time job and they have plenty of time for other employment and for politicing then why the merry hell do we pay them so much!!

End of rant ….

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