No delivery, no service

No delivery, no service

Ok, bouquet first. Amazon’s next day delivery service (Prime) is a brilliant idea and most of the time is great. So why am I throwing a brick bat. Well, what I actually want from Amazon, to go with this delivery service, is decent, truthful delivery information – and I’m simply not getting it.

This Thursday, I went for a dive. Sadly the neck seal of my dry suit split, but I was at Vobster Quay so was able to pick up a latex replacement and the tape – just not the glue. I needed the repair in a hurry as we were diving again on Saturday and I was going to make the repair myself (I have already replaced the boots) so on the drive home I searched on Amazon, found a glue kit on Prime, next day delivery, and ordered and paid for it.

Come Friday morning I’d had the confirmation email and so I look at my order on Amazon – yep, confirmed for delivery today which would give me time to effect the repair and for the glue to cure prior to our Saturday dive. But nothing arrived. Later I checked, as I had not had any text or email, and it was still set for delivery but with an estimated arrival time of 21:00. Wow, late but still possible, I just needed to work on into the night. So I got the suitready, took out the old seal, cleaned it up and waited.

Nine o’clock came and went, still no delivery, ten o’clock too.

So, back on to the Amazon website … the green bar is nearly all the way to my house but it is marked as “Dispatching Soon” as well as “Arriving Today”. Odd. Cross check with the mobile app. Estimated delivery is still 21:00, “We’re preparing your order”, “Dispatching Soon” and “Arriving today – On Time”. Well, no. On time was an hour and a half ago.

I’m not sure what to make of this, especially as on the website they have just removed the estimated delivery time but it still says I will get it today. Well, “today” has less than 80 minutes left to run even if Amazon deliver until midnight and when (if?!) the item gets here I still have to fix my dry suit and hope it cures in time. Of course, it is not Amazon’s problem that I am going diving but if I had received a decent estimate of delivery, one that they stuck to even approximately, I would have been able to adjust my plans – or leave the bloody house – or go to bed!!

UPDATE: ok, I got into a chat with Amazon “support”. this is 23:10, oh, and apparently my item was delayed and wont be delivered today. “So why”, I ask, “does your tracking say it will be?”. “Why”, I also ask, “when you say I will get tracking updates does no update tell me that it will be delayed?” – to which I get the response – “We want all our customers to have a good experience, when you shop with Amazon and we will take appropriate action on each and every factor which cons-equated for this failure of our standards. ” Now, I need to find out what “cons-equated” is! I was also told that “As a prime customer you have to receive the item within the given time frame.” but they couldn’t help with a timed delivery. So I asked to cancel, but it was too far down the line to be cancelled. So I asked about compensation – “Please give me 2 minutes, let me check this for you.” – this was followed by an answer and “This chat has been idle for 2 minutes. I may close this chat after one more minute.“. Eventually I was offered a £3 voucher for my inconvenience. I pointed out that this would have been great had they offered it to me, but I had had to chase them to find out about their cock-up as they have made no attempt to keep me in the loop, so they admit that £5 is their upper ceiling! They hadn’t even offered that!

As with almost all customer service issues, it is not what goes wrong that pisses me off but the way the company handle it … and I am right royally pissed off!

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