Newswatch needs to Listen

Newswatch needs to Listen

I have watched this quite often, not necessarily on purpose, and it always winds me up. On the one hand I am happy that the BBC allows a degree of navel-gazing and public comment but this is always overtaken by the sheer frustration at the smug responses the complaints get – no matter how well presented.

A number of the complaints and comments are simply read out with no response, which serves no useful purpose, but time and time again a complaint is presented to “the relevant editor” and simply dismissed. The programme makes no attempt to press the point, even if the complainant is actually on screen, and the responses of the editors, which basically amount to “we know best” are unchallenged.

Yes, I have tweeted this to them several times, no I have not received a response.

Vox Pop is a dubious source of information at the best of times  but if you are going to offer a forum for people to question your judgement then it serves little to no purpose if you then glibly dismiss all questions, complaints and comments. The BBC should show a bit more humility …

And while I’m on it, please stop referring to “the media” as if you were not a part of it. If the media is bad, or makes a mistake, or hounds someone without reason then it should apologise. The BBC is not above such things and has no morale high ground from which it can throw brick bats at newspapers and other more traditional formats.

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